WPPD notes spike in vehicle burglaries

Staff Writer

Investigators with the West Point Police Department are urging the community to be mindful of their belongings when leaving them in a vehicle, after a noticeable uptick in burglaries in the city.

The WPPD is currently investigating several incidents where the offender broke the windows of the vehicle to steal items in plain sight, including cell phones, wallets, purses and tablets. Other incidents reported were the result of vehicles being left unlocked.

Police Chief Avery Cook would not comment on where the most recent burglaries occurred, due to the incidents being under active investigation.

WPPD Det. Ramirez Ivy said in many cases, burglars will initiate the break-in after seeing a valuable item sitting out in the open.

“The number one thing they can do is not leave personal items in the vehicle, regardless of if you’re just leaving it for a moment,” Ivy said. “ It’s all about securing your items.”

Ivy then said commercial burglaries have also been a recurring problem, with many not having surveillance equipment or having a security system that doesn’t work properly.

“It’s important to have (surveillance) inside and outside, but sometimes it can malfunction,” Ivy said. “But no cameras, then no leads.”

He then said while cameras can help deter some potential burglaries, they are often more effective for investigations following incidents.

“Sometimes, we get individuals who rob places, so it’s something,” Ivy said. “I had one who had his face covered, but people were able to identify him just by his demeanor. It’s something that helps, but the main thing, in this city, we have a problem with having surveillance cameras. It’s kind of shocking and surprising, and the ones that do have them, they sometimes just don’t work.”

If you, or anyone you know, has information on the recent rash of burglaries in West Point, contact the West Point Police Department at (662)-494-1244.