WPHS student Jordan Perry designs homecoming shirt

Staff Writer

Jordan Perry has created the design for the West Point High School, using the theme "Over the Rainbow."
Each year the school allows a talented student artist the opportunity to design a shirt for Homecoming.

"Normally we ask students to submit a design and then choose from those," Kahla Thomas, the homecoming organizer and teacher at WPHS said. "Jordan had won the opportunity in her sophomore year and did a wonderful job. She's a senior this year and I thought she would enjoy designing the shirt again."

Thomas approached Perry and asked if she would be interested, the senior was happy to use her talent again to come up with a good T-shirt design.

"I've always been drawing something," Perry said. "My grandmother is artistic and she encourages me to draw as much as I can."

Perry said as much as she enjoys art, she plans to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse practitioner after graduation this spring.

"I would like to study art," Perry said. "But realistically, very few people can make a living as an artist. People who create tattoos and do body art can be very successful if they are good at what they do. Animation would be a fun field to be a part of if you can break into that. But, going into medicine and working with children is where I plan on making a career."

She said she enjoys drawing with charcoal, pastels, colored pencils, pen and ink, and she likes drawing still life.

"I love drawing flowers," Perry said. "For fun, I look at cartoon and comic characters and draw them with my own interpretations. That's why I enjoy doing the designs for T-shirts, as well."

Thomas said she was pleased Perry took the idea of the theme "Over the Rainbow" and incorporated characters from "The Wizard of Oz."

"For the Homecoming Parade, the girls on the float will wear different colored tulle skirts," Thomas said. "In all the colors of the the rainbow.The Wizard of Oz characters embody the courage, heart, brains and spirit that we have here at West Point High School."

Thomas was the brains behind allowing a student to design the shirts for homecoming for the past few years. She said it gives the artistic students a chance to be part of homecoming.

"Putting together homecoming is a lot of work," Thomas said. "We have a Homecoming Committee, because I could not do all this by myself. We got to work a couple of weeks after school started. With that early start, everything is going very smoothly and the parade next week is going to be amazing."
Thomas said next week is Spirit Week at WPHS, students are invited to dress for each of the days.

"We will have 'Miss Match Monday' the kids can come to school as tacky as they want to," Thomas said. "'Taste the Rainbow Tuesday' they can wear any or all the colors of the rainbow in honor of the theme 'Over the Rainbow."'

She said everyone is excited about "Wacky Character Wednesday" students can dress as movie, cartoon or television characters,

"Another new thing is 'Take it Back Thursday,"' Thomas said. "Students can dress as senior citizens who were born way back in the day. Then we have 'Fired Up Friday' to put on their best Green Wave gear and be be ready for Homecoming. Class shirts should be worn on Friday."