WPHS continues to move forward with priority plan

William B. Carroll

West Point High School is continuing to move forward in its turnaround from priority school status, as shown in the most recent Comprehensive Plan Report, approved by the West Point Consolidated School District Board of Education this week.
The report, prepared by Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Federal Programs Reita Humphries, with assistance from Academic Interventionist Lisa Lairy, outlines the school’s progress on 14 indicators mandated by the Mississippi Department of Education for schools labeled as priority or SIG schools.
Lairy explained that the 14 indicators are mandated by the MDE, whether or not a school specifically has failed to meet certain requirements, noting that several of the indicators required by the MDE were already being met by WPHS.
Humphries said that the school was in year four of its program to remove its priority status. WPHS was originally listed as a priority school due to graduation rates in the 60 percent range and failure to meet the annual measurable objectives (AMO). Humphries noted that the school has significantly improved its graduation rate, which is now in excess of 70 percent, and is continuing to work with the MDE to ensure that the school meets the 14 indicators required.
Each of the indicators is effectively graded on a four point scale, 1-beginning, 2-emerging, 3-effective and 4-exceeds effective. Schools must reach a level 3 effective status in order to meet each of the specified indicators.
According to Humphries and Lairy, the school currently has met or fully implemented four of the 14 indicators. According to the comprehensive plan, the school has targeted two more indicators for completion in February, two in March, three in April and three in May. The report notes that the school is making progress on all 14 of the indicators, including those that the school has already completed.
“The plan we have is ongoing,” Humphries said. “Even for those tasks we have completed, we are always looking to improve and get better.”
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