WPCCAC to present ‘Southern Fried Funeral’

Southern Fried Funeral is coming to the Louise Campbell Center for the Arts. (Photo by Donna Summerall DTL)
Staff Writer

The West Point/Clay County Arts Council continues to offer family oriented events that can be enjoyed by everyone in the community. The next drama production will be “Southern Fried Funeral.”

"Rehearsals are in full swing," Julie Gray, with the WPCCAC, said. "Production dates are Oct. 24 - 27 at the Louise Campbell Center for the Arts. Tickets went on sale Monday, Sept. 23."

Seating is limited for each performance.

"The arts council is looking forward to our upcoming production, Southern Fried Funeral," Donna Ross with the WPCCAC, said.  "Play goers may catch a glimpse of a character with common personality traits of someone in his or her own family. Everyone's true colors seem to come out during life-changing experiences, and the Frye family is no different."

There are some returning cast members along with some new faces, Ross said.

Each production takes many volunteers in addition to the stage actors. 

"We are fortunate to have volunteers who act along with those who are willing to work backstage, work on the set, run lighting and sound," Ross said. "Everything it takes to bring performing arts to our community."
Because of the great support of WPCCAC productions from the community, the arts council continues to bring two to three productions each year to the LCCA along with a larger production at center stage every other summer.

A short summary of the play is as follows:

“Dewey Frye passed away suddenly, leaving his widow, Dorothy, two daughters, Harlene and Samantha Jo, a son, Dewey, Jr., and his brother, Dub.  As friends and relatives come to pay their respects to the deceased, everyone's true colors are exposed. Tension between the sisters arises.  Samantha (Sammy) Jo is the high strung wife of Beecham Lafette and mother to two boys who has always lived close to her mamma and daddy. 
Harlene is the laid back, daddy's girl who has lived away from home for ten years.  The girls didn't see eye to eye growing up and have not yet resolved their issues with each other as adults. Dub Frye shows up at his sister- in-law's place not long after his brother's death to show his "support" to his family with a city proclamation for his philanthropic brother and to give Dorothy a heads up about the family's will. The family has to pull together to come up with a solution if Dorothy has any chance of keeping the property she and Dewey called home for nearly 40 years.

Tickets are $12 each and are available at Petal Pushers, First United Methodist Church and the Growth Alliance.