Wildwood Expressions Art Exhibit at the LCCA

Hoot Wilder brings his "Wildwood Expressions" to the Louise Campbell Center for the Arts, at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 13.
Staff Writer

The work of local artist, Hoot Wilder will be opening Sunday, May 13, in the Louise Campbell Center for the Arts. His “Wildwood Expressions” captures the wonderful character of old barns, homes, and landscapes that are often passed by without really observing. Hoot’s keen eye for detail and exacting perspective captures the essence of these familiar scenes.

“Painting for me is transformational,” Wilder said. “It can take one from a place of stress and worry to a place of peace…from a place of frustration to hope, from clutter to simplicity, and can remind me of the most poignant and joyful memories of youth.”

Dabbling in art from a young age, Wilder remembered spreading out sketch pads, crayons and pastels on the bedroom floor with his twin sister, Kate. There he drew about baseball, hiking, and camping. His sister is now known for her drawing and paintings of dogs, so the art gene is strong in the Wilder family.

During a stint in the Air Force, Wilder had a chance meeting with a painter and gallery owner in Venice Beach, California, which rekindled his desire to express himself in painting. With borrowed paints, brushes, canvas and easel, Wilder found himself painting along with his mentor. As the artist painted seascapes, Wilder’s paintings captured remembered scenes from home: hunters returning from the field, banjos being played by the fire, and an old barn at sunset.

“When viewing my paintings, I hope you are taken somewhere, perhaps you will sense a joy, a peace, a pleasant memory, or a time you felt the grandeur of the world around you,” Wilder said. “I appreciate so much the opportunity to share my work with you.”

He is a Corinth native, Wilder graduated from MSU with both a Mechanical Engineering BS and an MBA. His professional career included Corinth Machinery, President of Iglo Products, President of Gateway Corporation, Director of Business Banking and then North East MS President of Regions Bank. Retiring in 2014, Wilder now divides his time between painting, traveling, and enjoying grandchildren with wife, Anne.

"Wilder will give a gallery talk during the 2-3:30 p.m. opening reception, which everyone is invited to attend," Kathy Dyess of the WPCCAC, said. "Sponsored by the West Point/Clay County Arts Council, the exhibit will hang through June 30, 2018."
The LCCA is staffed on Wednesdays from 1 - 4 p.m. for visitors to see the show.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the exhibit, contact Kathy Dyess at 494-5678.