West Point woman found guilty of murder

Josh Presley
News Reporter

A West Point woman will spend life in prison after being found guilty of murder during the July term of Clay County Circuit Court.
Tameshia Shelton, 36, of Mhoon Valley Road in West Point, was found guilty of the October 2009 murder of Forest resident Danelle Young after four days of testimony.
The jury deliberated for about two hours and the court sentenced Shelton to life imprisonment in the Mississippi Department of Corrections.
According to court documents, Young's family requested more than $3,000 in restitution from Shelton for funeral expenses.
Assistant District Attorney Scott Rogillio said the prosecution had relied on circumstantial evidence due to their being no eyewitness to the case.
"What we know is that when officers go out there, they've got a young man dead," Rogillio said. "A young man at Tameshia Shelton's house. She knows him, he stays there, and he's killed with her gun."
He said Shelton had gunshot residue on her hands, and that she allegedly attempted to hide evidence at the scene.