West Point Selectmen at odds on readdressing

Josh Presley
News Reporter

The West Point Board of Selectmen discussed the county's upcoming E911 readdressing at its meeting Tuesday night. Every address in West Point and Clay County will change this month as a part of E911's new mapping program, and Ward 4 Selectman Keith McBrayer called the new system into question during the meeting.
"I think there's a lot of unknowns with this new system, and the city has the option to back out of that," McBrayer said. "There's bigger issues on the table for 911 than getting new addresses, such as whether or not we have enough ambulances that service our community. We have some issues with cooperation between the city, county and 911, and I'd like to get those squared away first."
McBrayer made the motion to halt the readdressing project in the city, with a second from Ward 3 Selectman Jimmy Clark.
Ward 2 Selectman William Binder favored the readdressing system, and that it was something local officials had been discussing for a while.
"It's coming, and I'm for it," Binder said. "The county's already started. We've had a public hearing on it. It's done."
Ward 1 Selectman Linda Hannah also supported readdressing, as she said that even one life saved due to having a more accurate system for emergency services would be worth the trouble. McBrayer asked if there had ever been a life lost in West Point or Clay County due to a responder being able to find the address, to which Hannah said there was no way to say one way or the other.
Mayor Robbie Robinson then called for a vote, with McBrayer and Clark voting to halt the readdressing program, with Binder, Hannah and Ward 5 Selectman Gary Dedeaux voting to continue the process. McBrayer's motion failed.