West Point ROCKS; a fun social project

People all over West Point are painting and hiding rocks for others to find. Sally Kate Winters Park, The Kitty Bryan Dill Walkway and the Reading Park are prime sites to discover the hidden works of art. (submitted photo)
Staff Writer

In several neighboring communities as random acts of kindness, people are painting rocks and hiding them for others to find. This is not only a Mississippi phenomenon, but it is taking place nationwide.

Sally Kate Winters Park, The Kitty Bryan Dill Memorial Walkway and the Reading Park are prime real estate for the hiding and finding of the cute painted rocks.

"I own two pharmacies, one here and in Caledonia, with Betty Griffin," Blair Thompson, of the West Point ROCKS Facebook page said. "She saw where they were doing this with rocks in Caledonia. It seemed like such a cute idea that Betty started painting rocks with the girls in her dance class and that's where this started. They painted dance rocks that were so cute."

Thompson said they put the rocks out and they immediately disappeared. After starting the West Point ROCKS Facebook page, the idea caught on. Sunday school classed are painting Bible verses on the rocks for others to find and receive encouragement.

"The idea is to do this as a random act of kindness," Thompson said. "They bring smiles to people's faces, especially children. Some businesses are giving prizes if you find their rocks. It's a great idea for local businesses."

Thompson said she had a tip for those enjoying hiding the rocks. She asked that people post clues on the West Point Rocks Facebook page along with photos of the rock. Or they can post a photo of the rock where it has been hidden as a clue.

"It is a fun project that families can do together," Thompson said. "Originally I thought it would be something fun for children to do but grownups are out there hiding and hunting too."

She said there are no boundaries as to where the rocks can be hidden as long as it is not on private property.

"We would love to have more people join our page,"Thompson said. "To get to our page it has to be typed in as West Point ROCKS. If not, you can be posting on an out of state page. We want to see all the painted rocks on our page."

Lisa Klutts, director of the Growth Alliance sent her sons out to find the elusive rocks while staying at the office.

"It is such a fun thing to do," Klutts said. "It's like sending them on an adventure. i look forward to seeing what they find. It's just a nice surprise." Klutts has painted a dozen doughnut rocks to hide soon, so that will be something to be on the lookout for.

"The surprise of finding them is great," Klutts said. "Then - hiding them and then anticipating someone else's joy of finding them makes the time you take so worthwhile."

Klutts said West Point is so lucky to have such a huge green space downtown. Not very many towns have a park nestled in the center of downtown.

"No two are alike," Klutts said. "Michelle Armstrong had painted one to look like bacon and the other one an egg. That was so cool." Klutts said it's not just one or two people, it's a group effort by a lot of people. She said you don't have to be a artist to paint a rock, just someone who wants to have fun.

For more information or to join in the fun, like West Points ROCKS on Facebook.