West Clay to hold reunion

Staff Writer

The West Clay Elementary School building has been around for 50 years. With the building being a school for half a century, having a reunion for former faculty, students and staff seemed like a perfect way celebrate from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19.

"A reunion just seemed like the perfect thing to do," said Brad Cox, principal of West Clay Elementary. "We'll have open house and invite everyone to come. The school was originally Clay High School, then West Clay High, West Clay Elementary and now it is part of the West Point Consolidated School District. The mascots were the Wildcats, Chargers and now we are part of the Green Wave family."

Cox said it will be casual, come and go, with several guest speakers. He wanted to get the word out that the school is now part of the West Point Consolidated School District and parents can opt to send their children to West Clay if they wish to do so.

"Right now the only speaker I know for certain is former Clay County School District Superintendent, Mae Brewer," Cox said. "I know there are others being asked."
He said the building is in remarkable shape for being 50 years old.

"We worked hard at keeping the building, classrooms and grounds in good shape," Brewer said. "When Deborah Bryant, wife of Governor Phil Bryant, came to read to our students, she mentioned how wonderful the building was and how clean we kept it. I was very proud that she noticed. We took a lot of pride in our school."

Brewer said she was asked to speak at the upcoming reunion. She was pleased to able to share her love for West Clay Elementary.

"I was elected to the superintendent's position many times," Brewer said. "I served the district for at least 20 years. Those children and their education meant the world to me. My top priority was the school."

She said she always wanted the best for the students and worked with the faculty and parents to be successful. She said the parents were always partners in the education of the students.

"We were a Star School," Brewer said. "We were always winning grants to take the kids on field trips to the Memphis Zoo or the Imax Theater in Birmingham. We knew some of our students would not have those opportunities any other way."

Brewer said the school had Smart Boards in every classroom and state of the art computer systems. She said nothing was too good for her children.

"My teachers were all top notch," Brewer said. "I think with Brad Cox as principal, it will continue to be a great school. I've heard nothing put positive things about him and how West Clay is doing."

Brewer said she was also asked to do some fundraising for the reunion, and she said she was more than happy to help.

"The worst thing anyone can say is no," Brewer said. "Along with grants we did a lot of fundraising too, I'm used to asking people for help for the school. I'm glad to be part of the reunion."
She said teachers would be taking flyers to their churches and getting the world out in the county inviting everyone to the open house and reunion.