Wave archers set new mark but still fall

West Point and Houston archers line up across the gym floor at Houston High to take aim at the targets.
DTL Staff

The West Point High archery team inched closer to the goal of 3,000 points in a match, but it still wasn’t enough to take down the Houston Hilltoppers Monday night as Houston defeated the Green Wave 3.128-2,903.

The difference in average scores per shooter — 260 to 242 — continues to frustrate the team and coach Steve Cannon. The overall average per shooter is higher than at the start of the season, but some shooters’ scores fluctuate wildly from meet to meet or at home and away.

“It’s just that focus that we’ve got tom find the answer to,” Cannon said.

The Green Wave was led by Leamber Hughes with a 263 and her best friend, Deisy Moreno, at 257. It was Hughes’ best score of the year.

A third female, Skylar Pearson, recorded a 253.

The highest male shooter was Tyrese Johnson, who posted a 248.

The lowest Houston score was 250.

The other West Point scores were Lidia Portera, 246, Emanuel Thompson, 243, JaQwan Young, 240, LaJaylon Sykes, 237, Jacoby Vance, 236, Kadence Butler, 234, Haily Cook, 224, and Cam Young, 222.

Houston’s scorers were Abby Kate Boyer, 270, J.W. Pettit, 269, Peyton Murphree, 264, Cade Ellison, 263, Tanner Gregory, 263, Jason McNease, 263, Steven Peal, 260, T.J. Guido, 258, Annaka Langley, 257, Kyler Spencer, 256, Harley Grimes, 255, and Julie Beth Murphree, 250.

“You see how much more consistent they are, more closely bunched, that’s where we need to get to,” Cannon said, noting that one difference is the Hilltoppers practice all summer and few, if any, of its team members play other sports while many West Point team members are multi-sport athletes, taking time away from practice and meets.

Archers shoot six rounds of five arrows each. A bullseye is worth 10 points and the points fall from there. The top 12 scorers count but a team must have at least four male and four female scores in its top 12.