Virges art on display at BPL

Audrey M. Virges and some of her original canvases are on display at the Bryan Public Library in the Esther Pippen Meeting Room through the month of March to celebrate Women's History Month.
Staff Writer

Audrey M. Virges has always enjoyed drawing as an artistic outlet. A little more than a year ago, she decided to try her hand at oil painting.

Being a fan of the late Bob Ross who was the creator and host of "The Joy of Painting" on PBS, she said his program made her want to experiment with painting with oils. Virges enjoys creating landscapes, and despite not working in the medium for very long, she has already displayed her work at many area libraries. She was invited to display her work at the Bryan Public Library for the month of March.

"I was very happy to bring some of my paintings to the Bryan Public Library," Virges said. "I talked to Priscilla Ivy, the reference librarian. She had seen my work in another library and asked if I would display some at the library in West Point previously. I was more than happy to come and visit the library in West Point again."

Ivy referred to a painting of a large house that Virges has on display in the Esther Pippen Meeting Room.

"It is like she built her own house of her own creation on a canvas," Ivy said. "It is such a pleasure to have her back. We asked her to put up a display of her work for Women's History Month."

Ivy said everyone enjoyed her oil paintings previously and she was more than happy to bring some new paintings and some she had shown before.

"The inspiration for the landscape with the house is several different houses I see every day," Virges said. "I take the parts that I like from the houses and yards and create something that I would like to see. That house doesn't exist except in my imagination. At least not in Houlka."

"The art is available for purchase," Virges said. "I just ask that if you are interested in buying a canvas that you wait until after the display time at the end or March."

Virges said people don't believe her when she said she had been working in oils for only a little more than a year.

"I love doing mountain scenes," Virges said. "Mountains and snow. Two things you don't see in Mississippi. I just picture what I want the painting to look like in my head and start painting. It's really nothing I do on my own. It’s a gift from God."

She said she hopes to inspire others to try and be creative. Virges said she wants others to believe in themselves and do something new they always wanted to try. Everyone has a talent within them to do something and she wants to encourage others to find that hidden talent and use it.

"I never took any classes or instruction," Virges said. "It's just something that I had always wanted to do, to paint like Bob Ross. I love painting. It takes me less than an hour from start to finish when I paint."

Virges said she hopes people will come by the library and see her work. She has displayed her paintings at the library in Houston, the Okolona library and the library in Vardaman.

Virges lives in Houlka, and works with kindergarten and special needs children.

"If you really want to be inspired, work with special needs children," Virges said. "It is the most rewarding experience. Those children are so creative. They think of the most amazing things. Those kids bring something so unique into the world. They don't see things in the same way we do. There is a lot we can learn from them, especially children with autism. Some are so incredibly creative and talented. It is a true blessing to be part of their lives and their education. Sometimes they try your patience, but the reward is so great when you get through to them."

Virges is the author of "Living Reality: A Book of Inspirational Poems" and author and illustrator of "A Day in Kindergarten."

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