Two arrested in attempted armed robbery

Kwantaviuos BillupsDmitre Townsend
Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

Dmitre Townsend and Kwantaviuos Billups were arrested in connection with an attempted armed robbery at Fred’s Dollar Store on Friday afternoon.
West Point Police Department Interim Chief John Langford said Townsend, 18, and Billups, 19, are being held at the Clay County Jail waiting arraignment.
Langford said the investigation was ongoing, and investigators are searching for a third person in connection with the attempted armed robbery.
According to a statement from Langford, WPPD received a call at 2:56 p.m. about an armed robbery in progress at Fred’s Dollar Store, located on East Main Street. Once officers arrived on the scene, they were able to get descriptions of the suspects from store employees and eyewitnesses. After a search of the area with help from the Clay County Sheriff’s Department, Townsend and Billups were arrested.
Anyone with any information should contact WPPD at 494-1244 or the Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers at 1-800-530-7151.