Trick or Treat with the WPPD

Staff Writer

Halloween will be here in three days. As with most events in 2020, even Halloween has been impacted by COVID-19. Some areas of the Golden Triangle have cancelled festivities to try and slow the spread of the virus. Happily, West Point will still allow trick or treating, Saturday, Oct. 31, and children can drive through the West Point Police Dept. From 5 - 7 p.m. and the Clay County Sheriff's Dept. from 5 - 7:30 p.m., with their parents to receive Halloween treats with no tricks.

"I'm sorry that we cannot have the usual Halloween event like we normally do at The Civic," Captain Virginia Rich of the WPPD, said. "But we will be giving out treats. All children must be in a vehicle with a licensed driver. We cannot allow children to just walk up."
Masks and social distancing is part of why the event is still able to go on at all. Rich said everyone is being very careful and safely for the children, parents and staff are a top priority.

"So many children's events and adult's, have been cancelled this year," Rich said. "We did not want to have to cancel trick or treating too. We understand some parents are reluctant to allow for traditional trick or treating. But we will be taking every precaution with masks and social distancing. Please bring your children."
Saturday's weather will have a little nip in the air, that is perfect weather to put on a costume and enjoy Halloween.
"We wanted to offer a safe alternative to door to door trick or treating," Rich said. "Being present and promoting positive activities in the community is something we want to be able to continue doing, in spite of the virus."
The WPPD wanted to do something special for the trick or treaters in a safe environment, in spite of the virus.

"All candy will be bagged," Rich said. "There was frequent hand washing while putting the treat bags together. There has to be some normalcy during this time. That is all anyone wants. To be able to feel normal again. We hope this will help children and their parents to enjoy a little return to normal."
The WPPD were very disappointed when they were not be able to provide the annual Easter Egg Hunt during April of this year. They did not want the children in West Point and Clay County to miss out on another holiday.