Third Mr. Olive sponsors community meal

Staff Writer

For more than a decade, the Third Mt. Olive M.B. Church, has been providing a Thanksgiving meal to the community in November.
"I was told this all began with Sister Pauline Gardner," Pastor Randy Conley, said. "She is no longer with us, but her spirit of generosity and love for the community is still here. We do this in her honor and in her memory."

Conley said the church continues to want to be a blessing to the community, not just the members of the church. The Noonday Prayer Warriors have continued the tradition and were delivering plates of hot food to the elderly in the community who were not able to share in the fellowship.
"We want to be a bright spot in this dark world," Conley said. "We are surrounded by the spirit of discord, darkness and division. We have become so divided that we want to do something to bring us all together."

Bro. Eric Ross of First Christian Church, spoke briefly before the meal about giving thanks to the Lord for all we have, To give praise to God even when our circumstances are not the best. He said in the Scriptures, there are few mentions of giving thanks that don't include the sharing of food.
"I love being here," Ross said. "Anytime we can come together as churches and do something positive in the community, I want to be a part of that."
Conley said he and Ross are looking to do more events in the community that bring God's people together.
"It's needed and its time," Conley said. "We all worship the same God, were saved by the blood of Jesus and need to come together. I want to reach across denominational and racial divides."

Conley called for the elderly to line up first to be served by the West Point Fire Department. Members of the West Point Police Department also joined in to serve food to the community.
"We have such a great community here in West Point," West Point Chief of Police Avery Cook, said. "We've hired new officers to add to our team. Captain Virginia Rich is right up there serving food. We are so lucky to have her."
Cook said his officers were more than happy to help and they are looking forward to doing more for the children in the community.
"Our Halloween event was great," Cook said. "And we are hoping, with the help of the community, to have another toy giveaway in December. We all enjoy the opportunity to serve and give back to our West Point community."