Supervisors agree to changes to GO Bond resolution

Staff Writer

The Clay County Board of Supervisors has been meeting with Troy Johnston of Butler Snow, regarding the sale of $500,000 General Obligation Bonds for District 3. The bonds were not purchased by the ending date for bids June 26.
"We had the bond sale, but there were no bids," Johnston said. "We have talked with several bankers state-wide, and the problem seems to have dealt with the amount."
Johnston said these are 15 year bonds, we will look into 12 or 10 year bonds.
"We can do another sale," Johnston said. "This is plan B. Plan C would be to raise the amount of the bonds. We will publish the sale in the local newspaper again."
The sale will be in the Daily Times Leader July 11 and 18.
"I will need a motion from the board to lower the years," Johnston said. "And draw up a new resolution."
The board unanimously approved and agreed, for Johnston to make the necessary changes to the GO Bond resolution.

Torrey Williams, Clay County EMA Director brought the board the 911 report, and asked for information concerning projects in the county that fall under FEMA reimbursement.
"I just need information on the different projects," Williams said. "Who is working and the dates. We have projects on Camp Seminole Road, Dixie Road, Smith Road and Gilreath Roads."
Williams said he needed to know where storm debris was picked up for his report.
"What materials were used," Williams said. "Who worked on the project and the dates."
Smith Road Bridge project is still open, the parameters are still needed to enable us to know which grants to apply for, Williams said.
"For Northwood Forest and Windmill Roads, they will only cover five percent," Williams said. "They would cover more depending on the population on the roads, That is what kind of knocked us out."
Williams said there needs to be a mitigation plan, similar to the ones for the county storm shelters.
"Five percent is barely a drop in the bucket," Shelton Deanes said. "Can I get a contract in for Billy White Road? it isn't closed but there is speculation on closing it."
Williams said he would look into it being submitted as an emergency, but he would need an estimate of the cost.
"Fixing roads and such, that could hinder emergency repairs," Williams said. "But get all the documentation together. It will probably fall under emergency repairs."
Williams told the board that COVID-19 is not gone, the numbers of the positive cases and deaths due to the novel coronavirus are still climbing.
"I haven't heard from anyone who is being hindered by having to follow the recommendations," President Luke Lummus said. "We do encourage our citizens to continue to be mindful and pay attention to the guidelines. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy."

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott asked the board about sending people to the Adult Detention Class in Lowndes County.
"We have about three people this month who need to have these classes," Scott said. "They have to be certified. Covid-19 hit and the classes haven't been available. Columbus is putting it on this month."
Scott also said the Clay County Sheriff's Office is in need of ten body cameras that attach to the vests at a cost of $3,430.00.
"Is there any way you could qualify for grants for new equipment," Shelton Deanes asked.
Scott said they are looking into a grant for cameras for the patrol cars, but the bodycams are something they need right away.
"I agree," Lummus said. "Nowadays these deputies need everything we can provide to keep them safe. We never know what kind of emergency might come up and they need documentation from the cameras. We need to know the whole story if something comes up."
The supervisors authorized and approved the adult detention classes, and the purchase of body cameras for the Clay County Sheriff's Department.

The board authorized and approved the following for the Clay County Tax Assessor and Collectors Office:
To spread on the minutes the Notice from the Department of Revenue Extending the Land Roll Deadline.
Certified Appraiser School for Jim Lang.
Travel for new Assesssor/Collectors rescheduled due to COVID-19.
The board then went into Executive Session regarding a personnel matter, during which, no action was taken.
The board recessed until 9 a.m Thursday, July 9.