Supervisor District 3 candidates speak on issues

From left: Davis, Dean and Donahoo
Staff Writer

Three candidates will appear on the Aug. 6 ballot for Clay County Supervisor District 3.

RB Davis is the incumbent. He has represented District 3 in Clay County for five terms as supervisor.

"I've shouldered the responsibility of representing the constituents of District 3 for 16 years," Davis said. "I was first elected in 2008. That was a bad year for everyone with so many of the manufacturing facilities closing. But we weathered the storm together and we are bouncing back."

Davis said he has been proud to be part of the resurgence of industries coming to West Point and Clay County. Working with the Golden Triangle Development LINK has proven to be a successful partnership.

Davis said he also appreciated working with the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District during the procurement of the property for the new Justice Court building. Using the existing Pass It On property saved the taxpayers $3 million by not having to build from the ground up.

"As county supervisors, we have been able to acquire grant monies to help with infrastructure," Davis said. "So that it does not cause a burden on the taxpayer. We know who we need to approach to get the funding we need, whether it be in Jackson or Washington D.C."

According to Davis, the Clay County Board of Supervisors work together as a team.

"All the members of the board work well together," Davis said. "We want to do what we can to make our community the best it can be."

He said as a team, they know who to bring their projects to to get the needed funding.

"That's where experience pays off," Davis said.

Willie S. "Lobo" Dean wants to improve infrastructure in District 3.

Dean is a life-long resident of Clay County. He was employed with Babcock and Wilcox for 28 and a half years. Twelve of those years he was a supervisor, being responsible for as many as 50 people.

"I understand hard work and will be accountable and available as District 3 Supervisor," Dean said. "I will make it my full-time job. I don't think a county supervisor should only work part-time. The district you represent deserves someone who is there for them all of the time."

Dean has pledged to donate half of his salary, if elected, to help the schools with supplies.

"I know single mothers have a hard time when school starts," Dean said. "Donating to the schools will help take some of that burden."

Dean wants to focus on the infrastructure problems, and make county road repair a priority.

"I want to work for my district to improve the roads and bridges for everyone," Dean said. "Safety for our citizens has to be a priority. These potholes will tear up a car. I want to put an end to potholes. Our roads need to be better."

Dean said it is important to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Everyone deserves to be treated the same.

"I've lived here my whole life," Dean said. "I love it in Clay County, I love the people. I would like the opportunity to make things better for everyone."

Heath Donahoo is a firefighter with the West Point Fire Department, and believes he will work well with the first responders in Clay County if elected.

"I've been with the West Point Fire Department for 13 years," Donahoo said. "I bring leadership and a desire to get things done for my community. I will return calls, day or night. I understand public service and the responsibility that comes with it. I want to serve District 3."

Donahoo said he already has a good working relationship with the WPFD, WPPD, CCSD and 911 Dispatch, and brings that to the table for the office.

"There are capable people running as candidates who need a chance to make Clay County a better place," Donahoo said. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but if it is broke, don't just put a patch on it, replace it with something new."

Donahoo said sometimes people forget that the job of the county supervisor is also within the city of West Point. He thinks everyone within the district deserves to be treated fairly.

"I want to serve everyone within District 3," Donahoo said. "With what I do, I see people on their worst day. I enjoy helping people and working to make that bad day better. I want to do that as supervisor."

Donahoo and his wife Laura, are raising their three children in District 3. He not only wants to make the district better for his own family, but for everyone.

Donahoo believes he will bring fresh, new ideas to the Board of Supervisors, if he is elected.

"I appreciate all the support I have received," Donahoo said. "God, family and work. That is how I live my life. And I will continue to work hard if elected."