Sundays at the Center presents the Sacred Trio

Steve and Cindy Terry, Timmy and Karen Cliett, Jennifer Johnson, Donnie Davis, Cody Terry and Savannah Terry are the singers and musicians of the Sacred Trio. They will be singing at the Louise Campbell Center for the Arts Sunday at 2 p.m.
Staff Writer

The Sacred Trio will be performing at 2 p.m. at the Sundays at the Center series at the Louise Campbell Center of the Arts, Sunday, July 16.

The musical group consists of Steve and Cindy Terry, Timmy and Karen Cliett, Jennifer Johnson, Donnie Davis, Cody Terry and Savannah Terry, all are local talents from West Point and Clay County.

"We are very excited to be invited to Sundays at the Center," Steve Terry said. "We sing at a lot of churches both in this area and in Alabama but this is a new thing for us. We appreciate Julie Gray asking us to sing. We want to be where the good Lord leads us."

Terry said he gets his family involved in singing and playing with the group.

"My son Cody plays the drums,” Terry said. "We try hard to bring up our children in a Christian home. Savannah plays the tambourine. Kids need to be involved in good things and shown the right path. Cindy and I try hard to lead them in the right direction. There are too many good kids who get involved in the wrong things."

Terry said the trio have been singing together for more than 20 years.

"We can have from five to eight people involved with the group," Terry said. "We just want to sing good old fashioned southern gospel and lift up the name of Jesus."

Terry said he is always pleased when churches invited them back to sing. That lets him know the group was doing what they were called to do.

"I love to look out over the people and see them with tears in their eyes because God is working in them," Terry said. "That is such a blessing to all of us. I never wanted to sing for money. I want to do God's work and glorify Him. He gave us all a talent. We want to give it back to Him."

The group has completed a CD and there has been talk of creating another, but not at this time.

"Karen and I both work at First United Methodist in the Child Development Center," Cindy Terry said. "That's where Julie Gray approached us about singing at the Louise Campbell Center. We were thrilled at the opportunity. We told her we'd love to."

Cindy Terry said she loved having people tell them their music gives them strength and hope when they are facing challenging times.

"There is nothing better than knowing you've helped someone,"

Cindy Terry said. "We never know who is enduring hard times or facing a spiritual battle in their lives that we inspire to continue the fight. We just want to praise Jesus and lift up His holy name."

Steve Terry said he wants to invite everyone to come enjoy some good gospel music, especially those who knew him a long time ago.