Softball interest sparks new tournament

Clay County girls who are members of the Shockwaves 12-and-under and 14-and-under girls softball team are pictured after an MSU softball game with MSU player Kat Morgan. Pictured are Anna Jade Hamby, Logan Hamby, Mollie Caroline Brand, Carly Ellis, Locke Myers and Jaleah Orr.
DTL Staff
Staff Writer

The growing interest in girls softball in the region has led to a new tournament in West Point in late June. 

The ‘Summer Slam” tournament June 29 at the Jesse Harmon Sportsplex will feature eight-and-under girls, 10-and-under girls and 12-and-under girls teams in a double-elimination, single-pool format.

Concessions sold during the tournament will benefit the West Point-Clay County Humane Society. 

For information, contact Stephen Smith at 662-419-0865. 

Recreation directors across the region say part of the increased interest in girls softball has come with the success of women’s softball teams at Ole Miss and Mississippi State in the last three years, including Ole Miss’ trip to the NCAA World Series. 

“We are trying to build the love of softball for our area girls. Softball is really starting to grow all over and we are trying to spread the word for any girl who would want to join us or we could help grow,” said Jenny Hamby, who helps with the Shockwaves girls softball teams.