Sheriff’s Department leading in the use of body cameras

Josh Presley
Staff Writer

As technology advances, the Clay County Sheriff’s Department has worked to keep its law enforcement techniques current and effective.
Sheriff Eddie Scott said that one piece of technology the department has added to its tools during the past year has been body cameras.
“We’ve been steadily adding cameras to our guys and patrol cars,” Scott said. “We outfitted the last of our officers about two months ago, and now every one of my guys are wearing them.”
He said that body-worn cameras protected officers and citizens, as well as the county’s liability.
“My officers love them,” Scott said. “It puts a stop to any he said/she said. Now if someone has a complaint, we can pull the video up right here in my office and watch the entire scene.”
He said the cameras stored information to a memory card, which was then transferred to a hard drive at the CCSD office. Videos will be stored for 30 days, according to Scott, unless the video were needed for further investigation.
“The storage is too costly to keep all these videos forever,” he said. “Having enough memory for the cameras was something we really looked at, because our patrol units work 12 hour shifts. They don’t have them on that entire time, but we needed to be sure we would have ample memory.”
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