Senior Gatherings at the Henry Clay

Staff Writer

Senior Gatherings at the Henry Clay are not just for residents. Anyone age 50 or older is welcome to come and participate.
A $6 fee includes supplies for craft projects and lunch. The gatherings have art projects or learning and informative sessions geared toward the interests of today’s active senior citizens.

"We would love to have more participants from outside the Henry Clay," said Dee Mathis, director of senior services at the Henry Clay. "I wish we had enough to have two sessions each Wednesday. Right now we meet from 10 a.m. to noon. I'd love to see us have enough interest to serve lunch at noon and have another group till 2:30 p.m."

Debra Thompson leads the group with craft projects during Senior Gatherings each Wednesday.

"We did pottery today," Thompson said. "Next week we will start a project to make a teacup and saucer centerpiece. The one I brought as an example is for Christmas, but they can make anything they want to."

Thompson said this is for any seniors from ages 50 and up. She said it is for active seniors who want to have fun and enjoy creating craft projects and making friends. Some of the more ambulatory residents from Dugan also come occaisionally.

"Our lunch is all homemade," Mathis said. "Biddy Thompson is a wonderful cook and I think we have the best lunch in town on Wednesdays. She provides lunch and that's a good enough reason to come. You can't beat a wonderful lunch and dessert and a creative craft project for $6."

Thompson said they aren't doing kiddie projects. They have done several pottery crafts with Jilly Beans of Starkville firing the ceramic pieces and overseeing the creations made by those attending Senior Gatherings.

"Anyone who thinks what we do is kid's stuff couldn't be more wrong," Thompson said. "I don't put a craft project together that I don't enjoy doing for myself. We are really excited to do the teacup and saucer centerpieces."

She said it will probably take at least two sessions, maybe more, to complete the project.

"Everyone here puts so much work into what they make," Thompson said. "No two are every alike. Much like the people who come here. Everyone brings something different to the creative crafts they make. The centerpieces are going to be beautiful."

Thompson said sometimes there is entertainment, Keith and Margie and the Sanderford singers have visited Senior Gatherings.

"I love the residents here," Thompson said. "All of the people who come are a joy to spend time with. We have a few men, but we would like to have more. We like having a well rounded group. We want to get the word out to the community to come and join us, we have a great time."