Seals make a great team at Old Waverly

Perry and Lori Seal work as chefs at Old Waverly Golf Club, creating elegant and sophisticated cuisine for the club members and their guests.
Staff Writer

Perry and Lori Seal were happy working at the Hillwood Country Club in Nashville, Tennessee. The couple had not considered moving in the future. That was until George Bryan gave them a call about wanting the couple to come and create wonderful dishes at Old Waverly Golf Club.

"Mr. Bryan called me in Nashville," Perry Seal said. "I wasn't looking to relocate. He asked me to come to West Point and look around. The club is phenomenal and has a good reputation as a private club."

Seal said he and Lori Seal were impressed with Old Waverly and bought a home within a mile of the club.

"We have large expectations for ourselves and Old Waverly," Perry Seal said. "The Bryan Family is 100 percent supportive of us and what we want to do here."

The couple came to Old Waverly in September. The job has been demanding, but the couple wants the prestigious club to have the best in a private club experience.

Lori Seal is not only an accomplished pastry chef, but she has an eye for creating the perfect ambiance in a room.

"I ran an all-inclusive wedding venue in Nashville," Lori Seal said. "It was a one-stop shop for the perfect wedding. Everyone worked together to create what the bride envisioned her day to be. I enjoy setting up a room that is an extension of the event."

The Seals work well as a team. The couple has been together and working together for 25 years. They met in culinary school in Vermont. They make a cohesive team who know how to create the perfect party.

"No one can cook on the level Lori brings to a kitchen," Perry Seal said. "I've had teams who would part and just stand back to let her walk by. She is well-respected in our field."

Perry Seal said the human element is his specialty. He wants everyone who dines at Old Waverly to be pleased with the food, the service and the atmosphere. He is classically-trained in French and is always wanting everything to be perfect. He said he and Lori Seal are their own biggest critics.

"I know a good amount about everything," Perry Seal said. "And I have a good amount of culinary knowledge."

The Seals are working on developing a staff of the best people available. They expect the experience of dining at Old Waverly Golf Club to continually improve.

"I'm from a small town in Vermont," Perry Seal said. "I understand small towns and enjoy working in them. I do miss Nashville, but small town values are good to get back to."

Seal said there are plans in the works for having a salad bar during the summer. Not just any salad bar, but one pleasing to the eye and the palette.

"We want to have cool, fresh greens and vegetables," Perry Seal said. "Maybe turkey, chicken and ham. Homemade dressings. Something perfect for the long hot summer in Mississippi. We want to offer something special for everyone who comes here to dine."

Seal wants to be a personal host to establish a relationship with those who are part of Old Waverly and their guests. He plans to ensure they enjoy the experience and look forward to their next visit.