Schools under 'lock out' following auto burglary

DTL Editor
Church Hill Elementary School and South Side Elementary School in West Point implemented a "lock out" order before noon Thursday following an auto burglary near the schools. 
According to a statement from the West Point Consolidated School District, the auto burglary occurred outside of the school. The suspect was spotted by the school resource officer, who then tried to apprehend the suspect. 
The district says the officer gave chase, but the suspect jumped a fence and ran into the woods. The statement goes on to say that the person never entered the school or attempted to. 
The West Point Police Department confirmed it had officers on scene and that a search is currently underway in the area. 
The school is currently under a "lock out," which differs from a traditional lockdown in the sense that no visitors are allowed inside of the school and students are not allowed to leave the school building. 
The WPPD reiterated that the school is safe and students are in no danger.
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