Schools look to get into Guard911

William B. Carroll

The West Point-Clay County Consolidated School District is looking to enhance the way that students throughout the district are protected. During a recent forum, District Assistant Superintendent Tim Fowler informed members of the public about a new phone app that he believed would be a good investment for the district. Fowler sat down with us to discuss the application and how he felt it could help protect students in the district.
Dubbed SchoolGuard, the phone app is a product of Guard911, LLC, a company headed by President and Founder Nate McVicker, who has over 17 years of experience as a law enforcement officer.
According to Fowler, he first became aware of the product by attending a National School Safety Conference.
“Even with everything that we have done with our schools to make them more safe, I am always trying to see what else we can do for our students,” Fowler said. “This (SchoolGuard) was something that caught my eye.”
Fowler said that one of the things the school district learned from its active shooter drill, conducted last spring, is that response time for law enforcement is a very important aspect of school safety. Fowler said, after speaking with McVicker, he felt that the application was something important that the district should invest funds to obtain.
Fowler said that the application has a number of features, but its main feature does four separate things: First it dials 911 for the user, while it is doing this it also notifies everyone else in the building that has access to the app, all law enforcement within a five mile radius of the school and all other personnel in the school district that an incident is occurring. Check out today's Daily Times Leader for more details.