Royal Trucking kicks off Driver Appreciation Week

Drivers were encouraged to register for prizes being given away all week at Royal Trucking during Driver Appreciation.
Staff Writer

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for what they do.

This week at Royal Trucking and across the country, is set aside to thank those who keep supplies moving all across America.

Sunday was only the beginning of Driver Appreciation Week.

Many drivers were on the road Sunday, and were not able to attend the start of the celebration. This is one of the reasons there are giveaways and luncheons throughout the week, so no one is left out.

Royal Trucking also set aside a few moments to honor an employee who was tragically taken in a car accident Friday.

"Myra May worked in our financial department for 12 years," Safety Director Chris Makamson said. "This is not only a celebration of our drivers, but a celebration of her life, as well. She was a wonderful Christian lady and we all know where she is right now. But we want to remember her family, we all share in the grief of their loss."

Drivers and their families all enjoyed lunch provided by TAG Truck Center. They were on premises frying catfish with all of the sides.

"All jobs at Royal Trucking are important," Makamson said. "But this is the week for our drivers. We'll be having drawings for prizes and we'll draw for $500 every day this week. We will join with our drivers in Villa Rica, Georgia, next Saturday, to celebrate with them."

Billy Milican, owner of Royal Trucking, told his drivers that he appreciates them and all they do every day, not just one week out of the year.

"We've added 70 new tractors to our fleet," Milican said. "We want to keep our drivers safe on the road and we are constantly upgrading and adding new equipment to help them do their job."

The highlight of the day was the announcement of the winner of the David Sallis Award.

"David Sallis was our safety manager," Makamson said. "He had also been a driver. He never left a man behind. It didn't matter what time of the day or night, if a driver needed help, David was there."

Makamson said Sallis lost his battle with cancer, but he still stands as an example of what those in driver services should be.

The drivers vote for who they believe does the most on their behalf, as do Royal employees. This was the fourth year for the award and Avis McNutt was chosen as the recipient.

"The three people who get the most votes are where the winner comes from,” Makamson said. "Then the drivers vote from those three. The one who receives the most votes is the winner of the David Sallis Award."