Reeves touts leadership, success

Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and West Point accountant Robin McCormick discuss his campaign for governor.
Staff Writer

Being the front runner in the Republican primary doesn’t put any pressure on him, gubernatorial candidate Tate Reeves says. In fact, during a conversation Tuesday, he refers to his opponent as if he’s already got the party nomination and is looking forward to the November general election.

It’s that kind of confidence, understanding and inner resolve that carries him through, Reeves says. “I don’t think it puts any additional pressure on me. The only pressure I feel is to get up each day and do what’s right for the people of Mississippi,” he said during a interview Tuesday that was part of his statewide tour to formally launch his bid for governor, a bid that has been almost expected since he was first elected state Treasurer in 2003.

“I have a lot of critics out there. But there is no greater critic than the person who looks back at me in the mirror each day,” Reeves continued.

Some of those critics complain Reeves sometimes accepts the blame when he shouldn’t, lets issues get beyond his control and is slow to develop solutions.

“Part of being a leader is being willing to, protect those you serve with. They blame me for everything bad that happens but not the good things that happen. You can’t have it both ways,” Reeves explained, noting members of the Capitol Hill press corps often place blame but skip over giving credit. “But in the end, I think the people of this state appreciate someone who will stand up for what they believe in.”

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