Reed brought Christmas to the Governor's mansion

Staff Writer

Scott Reed, owner of Petal Pushers is well-know as a talented and artistic decorator. In 2017, he was given the honor of being on the White House decorating team. He and other floral artists and decorators from around the county brought the ideas of First Lady Melania Trump to life.
"It was such an honor to be chosen to be on the team," Reed said. "It was a wonderful experience and I'm very glad that I was part of Christmas at the White House."
During the 2020 Christmas season, Reed was chosen to decorate the Mississippi Governors Mansion.
"It was a fantastic experience that I was able to share with my staff," Reed said. "I was the only one from Petal Pushers to go to the White House, but this was wonderful because I could have my family and staff there. It's hard to compare it to the White House. There I was a little fish in a huge pond."
Reed brought his brother, sister-in-law and 40 volunteers to work together as a team in creating an incredible display for the mansion.