Record Adoptions at WPCCAS

Staff Writer

There were lots of preparations for the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter Open House Saturday. The previous Wednesday 14 puppies were brought in after being with foster families. The entire day was spent getting the puppies ready for open house and hopefully a few of them would find forever homes.

"We had 19 dogs and puppies adopted Saturday," Melanie Elmore, with the WPCCAS, said. "We had put the puppies on Facebook and were hoping they were irresistible. That was a job in itself. I appreciate Katie Wallace and her patience with getting the perfect photo."
There are still three puppies remaining at the shelter at press time.

"We have never had a day with that many adoptions," Elmore said. "We really want to thank everyone who came and adopted one of our shelter dogs and puppies. We had couples who came from Oxford and Indianola, who adopted two puppies each."
Elmore said there were many people who had never come to the WPCCAS before and were impressed with shelter.

"Our main concern here is the animals," Elmore said. "They don't stay caged up all the time. There are surrounds where they can run and play, we walk them. For the time they are here, they are well cared for and loved."

Carol and Paul Moore took in a mama dog and her 11 puppies to foster, several years ago. They fell in love with the adult dog, and adopted "Queenie" into their family.
"She loves coming back here to visit," Carol Moore said. "She is the best dog in the whole world. She hates the santa hat, but we wanted her to wear it for the photo with Santa."
In addition to the adoptions, the shelter had donations of food, toys and blankets during the event.

"Our first donor of the day brought in 600 pounds of dog food," Elmore said. "It was just amazing the entire day. We had people taking photos from the wishing tree to buy Christmas treats for a cat or dog who is here at the shelter. We still have plenty of photos on the tree."
Elmore said if someone wants to donate but does't have time to shop for the animal, a volunteer at the shelter will make sure the treats are bought for the pet.

"As soon as we can process all the paperwork, we start preparing for the Mardi Gras Beer and Wine Tasting," Elmore said. "So go ahead and mark your calendars for Friday, Feb. 22. We are going to change the venue to Town Creek Barn and Fast Scarlett will be playing."
For more information, call 524-4430.