Rasberry asks for letter of support from Supes

Staff Writer

The Clay County Board of Supervisors met Monday morning and voted to adopt and amend the agenda to include Johnnie Rasberry to make a request of the board.

"I've asked to be put on the agenda today," Rasberry said. "We are working on an Early Literacy Program to help children in the county who receive no socialization before going into pre-K. We are asking for a letter of support. If other organizations see that the Clay County Board of Supervisors support what we are trying to do they may want to join with us."

Rasberry is looking to find funding for his program and had hoped the supervisors would be instrumental in the search.

"The board is in support of these preschool children," District 2 Supervisor Luke Lummus said. "There are all kinds of programs but some don't reach that far into the county. But we can give you a letter stating our support."

District 4 Supervisor Shelton Deanes thanked Rasberry for what he is doing and said when children receive the help they need in learning, it helps to keep them out of jail when they are older.

Supervisors agreed to send a letter of support to Rasberry.


"We had our Una Fun Fest in the park in the Una Community this weekend," Deanes said. "We had a little Blues playing and some vendors. We had some Gospel singing and we all had a good time and turnout."

Deanes said there were several elected officials and the Clay County Sheriff's Department in attendance.

"We're looking forward to the 13th annual Una Fun Fest next year," Deanes said. "We want to have more events like this in the park. Most of the crowd stayed out there until the end. Everyone had a good time."


• The board authorized and approved payment for an invoice presented from the Flood Plain Coordinator, Randy Jones in the amount of $1,573.23.

• Paige Lamkin, Clay County Tax Collector, sought the approval of the the county in denying a request for Homestead Exemption. "The property owner in question resides in Chickasaw County," Lamkin said. "They also own property in Clay County that is not the primary residence. That is why I am seeking to deny giving them Homestead Exemption." Supervisors approved the denial of Homestead Exemption in this case.