Q&A with West Point radio announcer Bud Bowen

West Point radio announcer Bud Bowen
Staff Writer

The Daily Times Leader caught up with Green Wave radio announcer Bud Bowen after West Point defeated Olive Branch 39-6 for a berth in the state championship.

Q: So, we have a rematch of the 1989 state championship on Saturday night. Do you remember much of that game?

A: “We won that one like 27-24, or something like that, I can’t remember the exact score, but we won by three points. That was played at Mississippi College.”

Q: Tyler Rupert had two interceptions against Olive Branch Friday night. Can you talk about how he set the tone defensively for the Green Wave?

A: “Tyler is an underclassman and will be back next year. Not only is a a good football player right now, but we will have him back next year for leadership ability.”

Q: Jason Brownlee had one of the better receiving performances he’s had all year. Do you feel that West Point was trying to get him involved in the game early on?

A: “Brownlee probably got some D-1 attention after Friday night. We were throwing the football because we saw some one-on-one shots out there and with him one-on-one, he’s hard to stop.”

Q: Which Brownlee catch were you most impressed with?

A: “That second one, when he went up, was the best catch I’ve seen all year.”

Q: What do you think West Point will need to focus on cleaning up during practice this week before the state championship?

A: “We’ve got to clean up those penalties. We’re also adjusting to a new (offensive) line. We’ve had to move some people around so we’re still adjusting to the new blocking assignments.”

Q: Do you think the players know what kind of history they could be making on Saturday?

A: “I think they know, but I think that’s the last thing on their mind. You’ve got to go win the game and then you can make history. You make history by winning the game. History is not made if you can’t seal the deal.”

Q: At what point did you realize that this team was going to be special?

A: “I knew after the Starkville game that this team was special. The first indication that they were special is they’re defending state champs, plus handled a 6A power in the jamboree and then they handled Starkville pretty handily. They thumped Noxubee two years in a row and that’s usually a good indication you’re pretty good, because Noxubee and Starkville both play in the state championships.”