Pilots host Anchors to honor high school seniors

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

The Pilot Club of West Point invited the Oak Hill Academy Anchor Club to join them at the back yard pavilion at the home of Pilot Club president, Jeannie Johnson, Tuesday night.
“We are so proud of all the seniors in the Anchor Club,” Johnson said. “Stephanie Stroud does such a wonderful job with the Anchors at Oak Hill Academy.”
The Anchor Club girls shared a meal with the Pilots, spreading out into two rooms of the Johnson pavilion.
New ninth grade Anchors were welcomed, graduating seniors were asked what their plans were after graduation, all ten had plans to attend community colleges or universities in the fall.
Nina Coleman presented the ten seniors with a token of esteem from the Pilot Club. Each girl received a beach towel with their name monogramed on it.
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