Pilots discuss budget for club year

Amy Waide, president of the Pilot Club of West Point, presided over the first meeting of the club year, Tuesday night at the Henry Clay.
Staff Writer

The Pilot Club of West Point began its club year for 2017-2018 Tuesday night at the Henry Clay. The club put forth the projected budgets and projects for the coming year, making a few changes from the previous year.

President Amy Waide called the club to order and asked to hear from the division heads about changes to the budget.

"We are a smaller club this year," Judy Ashmore, club treasurer said. "We have accepted resignations for two members tonight. That means less members, less dues, less people to work on fundraising. So the budget will reflect that."

Nina Coleman of the Anchor division said a miscellaneous line item had been removed from the budget, but other than that the budget had remained the same.

"I would like to invite any of you to come to the Anchor Club meetings at Oak Hill during the school year," Coleman said. "We Pilots did not attend any of their meetings last year. They had a lot of scheduling problems with other activities going on at school causing changes to the dates. Hopefully they will have an easier time this year."

In the absence of Diane Warren, Ashmore covered the budget for the membership division.

"We took out two items from the budget," Ashmore said. "We will no longer have the Pilot incentive or the social in August. These are small things to give up."

Cathy McKinney is in charge of the projects division said the club would not be making a donation to the special needs camp it usually supports, the ARC is no longer in West Point and that support is no longer needed.
Jeannie Johnson said the fundraising budget would not reflect any changes.

"Miriam Garner. governor-elect from Houston, is planning to visit with us," Michelle Estes said. "She wants to be more involved with us. She'll share what other clubs are doing and give us some new ideas."

Estes is in charge of programs during the year and had already scheduled the March meeting for a different date than the normal second Tuesday of the month.

"Our March meeting always falls during Spring Break," Estes said. "Many of us work in the school system and plan to go out of town during that week. A lot of other people plan trips for that week because the kids and grandkids are out of school. We've moved the meeting for the past several years. but now it's already changed on the schedule."

"We will be at the library for the end of the Summer Reading Program, July 27," Coleman said. "We ask that each member provides two packages of cookies. I'll pick up the ice pops. We need as many hands as we can get and scissors for cutting off the tops. We'll be there with the fire department and it's always a lot of fun."

Coleman, Estes and Waide attended the Pilot International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada the previous week.

Coleman had designed new Pilot Club of West Point personalized T-shirts.

"Everywhere we wore them, people were asking about them," Coleman said. "It's a great way to start up a conversation when people ask you about your shirt. Amber Pennington is putting the design onto the shirts for us."

Georgene Swindol said the club is now selling raffle tickets for tan a Polaris Northstar Cooler. It is a 30 quart size and holds 37 beverage cans.

"The tickets are $5 each," Swindol said. "We will draw for the lucky winner September 1. This is a $300 cooler and is perfect for game day tailgating. We're giving it away at the start of football season. We'll be posting information on our personal Facebook pages. That would be where people can ask us about tickets."