Pilot Lt. Governor visits local club

West Point Pilot Club President Michelle Ponds, Mississippi District Governor Elect, Michelle Estes, Amy Waide, Diane Warren, visiting Mississippi District Lt. Governor, Patti Bennett and her friend, Myrna Gray(, put together baskets of snacks and treats for the residents of Dugan Memorial Home. (Photo by Donna Summerall, DTL)
Staff Writer

Patti Bennett, Mississippi District Lt. Governor, and her friend, Myrna Gray, paid a visit to the Pilot Club of West Point.

"I visit the different clubs in our district," Bennett said. "I love seeing all the smiling faces that come in the door. I had a friend who invited me to the Pilot Club of Fulton. Over the years I have met my dearest friends and acquaintances through Pilot."

Bennett said to sell Pilot is share what you as members get out of it. Just be yourself and talk about what fun being a Pilot can be.

"I want to applaud what you do in the community," Bennett said. "I love what we stand for, community service. I was listening to you talk about the Grocery Grab fundraiser you are doing. It sounds like so much fun."
Bennett said she travels with her friend, Myrna Gray, whom she met at the Pilot Club of Fulton.

"We still have some open times to man the table in front of Sunflower for the Grocery Grab," Jeannie Johnson said. "We need people for Friday's and Saturday through November 23."

The Pilots are partnering with the Oak Hill Anchor Club in selling chances for the Grocery Grab.

"The tickets are $1 each or six for $5," Johnson said. "The winner will have two minutes to run through Sunflower and grab up to $200 worth of groceries. There is a $50 limit on fresh meat."

The Pilot Club will be selling tickets through Saturday, Nov. 23, when the lucky winner will be drawn at Sunflower at 5 p.m.

"You don't have to be present to win," Johnson said. "We will call the phone number on the ticket we draw to let them know they've won. We will arrange for them to have their run through Sunflower grabbing groceries."

Pilot Club President Michelle Ponds announced the club Christmas party would be at the home of Jeannie Johnson. Everyone is asked to bring a gift to play Stingy Santa.

"We are still collecting items for February," Sharon Salmon said. "We want to have goody bags for the residents of the Henry Clay for our Sweetheart Social."

The November service project was to put together baskets of snacks and treats for the residents of Dugan Memorial Home. All of the Pilots joined in for the project.