Pilot Club spreads sunshine

The Pilot Club of West Point are creating Sunshine Boxes to donate to spreadingsunshine.org, an organization that brings smiles to children and adults spending time in the hospital.
Staff Writer

Spreading Sunshine, an organization out of Ripley, caught the attention of Stephanie Stroud.

She is the leader of the Oak Hill Academy Anchor Club, which recently took on Spreading Sunshine as a project.

"We put together goody bags with orange and yellow colors to look like sunshine for Spreading Sunshine to distribute," Stroud said. "The Anchors enjoyed the project and were more than willing to do something to brighten someone's day."

Stroud is also a member of the Pilot Club and brought the idea to the adult group.

"This is such a great thing to do for children and adults who are in the hospital," Amy Waide, president of the club, said. "I told her let’s get some things together and we can make some sunshine bags, too. "

Spreading Sunshine is a non-profit 501(c)3 mobilizing volunteers to encourage and support families facing childhood illness or disability.  The group sends sunshine boxes designed to brighten the day of children and families.  Spreading Sunshine also connects volunteers with easy ways to spread hope, love and joy to families in the hospital.The idea went viral. In almost three years, over 2,000 Sunshine Boxes have been sent to families. It has sparked a movement of care, compassion and kindness.  

"The Sunshine Boxes will go to the main office in Ripley," Stroud said. "And they will distribute them where they are needed. I thought it was a wonderful thing they are doing and I was glad the Anchors and Pilots wanted to help."

The Pilot Club of West Point will be part of the Kid's Health Fair Thursday, April 4, at The Civic, for Pre-K and kindergarten students in West Point and Clay County.