Officials caution fireworks safety ahead of NYE

Staff Writer

Almost everyone enjoys fireworks to celebrate New Years Eve. But fireworks are not allowed to be used within the city limits.
"If you are out in the county, shooting fireworks is legal," Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott, said. "Parents, please watch your children if they are handling fireworks. We don't want to see anyone's children get injured while having fun. Supervise them."
With all of the rain that has fallen, there should not be an issue with fireworks starting a fire, Scott said.
"Please don't shoot fireworks across or on a public road," Scott said. "Don't shoot them at cars, houses or other property. Please don't shoot them at each other."
Please keep in mind there are people who own horses and other livestock that become very agitated at the sounds, smells and sight of fireworks.

Scott said fireworks and alcohol are a bad combination.
"People tend to start celebrating early," Scott said. "They by the time it's midnight, they have had too much to drink. Fireworks are safe when handled correctly, but if alcohol is involved it can be an accident waiting to happen.

Scott said the Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement will be out Tuesday night.
"We have a busy night planned," Scott said. "We'll be working with the Highway Patrol, the West Point Police Department, everyone we can partner with to keep our people safe."
Typically, West Point and Clay County tend to be quiet, with few parties going on, according to Scott.
"We are not trying to say, don't have fun New Years Eve," Scott said. "We just want to be sure to bring everyone into 2020, safely. We will have extra patrols on duty. If you go out to celebrate, have a designated driver. Someone to make sure everyone makes it home."

Killian Ray has been with Orbit Fireworks since he was 10 years old. He was born into the fireworks business.
"We have something for everyone," Ray said. "Sparklers, chasers and Snap-n-Pops for kids, bottle rockets, roman candles, rockets to the cannons that shoot the big fireworks."
Ray recommended the Fireworks Festival, it shoots 96 times, with beautiful colors but won't rattle the neighbors windows.

"With fireworks you just need to use common sense," Ray said. "Follow the instructions on the packaging and be careful. Watch your kids, don't turn them loose with fireworks and a punk to light it and think they'll be fine."
Ray also said if children are holding Roman Candles, to hold them at their side. Don't shoot them directly over their face. All it takes is common sense.
"Fireworks and alcohol do not mix," Ray said. "A lot of serious accidents could have been avoided by not shooting fireworks while drinking. We want our customers to come back year after year, and enjoy the fireworks."