Oak Hill Academy closed today for the flu

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

Influenza is making its yearly rounds and students at Oak Hill Academy were not immune.

The school is closed today to allow for a long weekend for students to get over the virus.

"After an increasing number of students being diagnosed with the flu and talking with two doctors, there will be no school today," Cathy Davis, headmaster of OHA, said. "This day will allow students to recover from the flu, as well as give our custodians an opportunity to disinfect our facilities."

According to Davis, the flu is primarily affecting students in the high school and middle school. So far the elementary school has only had a few cases.

"But a lot of the high school and middle school students have siblings in the elementary school," Davis said. "So we don't know how many may still be infected but not showing symptoms."

In order to assess the flu situation, parents are asked Sunday afternoon to send an email to the following  email address if your child has the flu, has flu-like symptoms, or a doctor's note excusing them on Monday.

Davis said some of the students had been tested for the flu and were negative, only to become worse and a second test proved to be positive.
"About 20 percent of our students are infected," Davis said. "The doctors I spoke with said that was a high enough percentage to take action. But we also have to balance the inconvenience of parents with elementary school children, who may have to miss work to stay home."

Baseball games were cancelled due to the rainy conditions, and several of the members of the team have the flu.

"If your child has been sick and is returning to school on Monday,  please make sure they have been fever free with no other flu symptoms for at least 24 hours," Davis said.