Noonday Prayer Warriors feeding the hungry for 15 years

Glenda Hall of the  Noonday Prayer Warriors of Third Mt. Olive M.B. Church is slicing ham and helping get the meal prepared for today.
Staff Writer

The Noonday Prayer Warriors of Third Mt. Olive M.B. Church began its feeding ministry in 2003. The group meets every Wednesday at noon to pray, but they want to do more than just pray for the community. The feeding ministry will be delivering plates at 9 a.m. this morning and serving lunch plates at the church at noon.

Each year in November, the prayer warriors feed the elderly, shut-in, disabled, homeless and service workers who risk so much every day serving the community. This has been a tradition of the church for 15 years. Feeding the ones who need it most.

"We meet every week to pray for our community, state and nation," Robert Coggins, member of the Noonday Prayer Warriors, said. "But sometimes we need to do more. This meal for the community is part of our outreach ministry. We are supposed to love one another as Jesus loved us and died for us. The least we can do is make sure people have enough to eat."

The group was started by the late Helen Davidson, Alma Brown and Billy Crawford. The prayer ministry president is Pauline Gardner.

There will be turkey, chicken, ham, chicken spaghetti, dressing, vegetables of every kind, rolls and desserts for anyone who needs a good hot meal.

"The Deacon's Ministry will be delivering plates to the elderly, sick and shut in," Coggins said. "Several different ministries within the church work together to make this happen. The West Point Police and Fire Departments will be serving plates."

Everyone is invited to share a meal with the Noonday Prayer Warriors of Third Mt. Olive M.B. Church at noon.

"We want to feed everyone we can that is hungry," Coggins said. "That's what the church is here for. We want to serve God and take care of people in need. That is what Thanksgiving is all about. Being thankful for what we have and sharing with others who may not have as much."

The community meal began as a way to deliver meals to those who may not be able to drive to the church to eat. It is a way to bless others with a hot meal that might not have the opportunity otherwise.