New license plates start Jan. 2

DTL Staff
Staff Writer

Starting Jan. 2, Mississippians will get new license plates when their current plate expires.

But car owners don’t have to worry about racing to the courthouse to get a new one.

Clay County Tax Assessor Paige Lamkin’s office, and assessors across the state, can renew the plates and send the new ones via mail.

“We can do everything like we normally do except this year, instead of just stickers, we’ll be giving out new plates, as well,” Lamkin said.

The state has been using the current design since 2013.

The new plate has a hint of color to it and instead of carrying the slogan, “Birthplace of the Blues,” at the top and “Celebrating Mississippi’s Creative Culture” around a guitar in the center, has the state seal in the center and no slogan with the word “Mississippi” at the top.

“Mississippi” is in the same script typeface as the current tag.

The new tags also will have four numbers instead of three, something the state started doing this fall.

“It’s not a major change and the state does this every few years. We just are letting people know, but we don’t want them to come rushing in, there’s no need for that,” Lamkin added.