New Circuit Clerk readies for absentee voters, first election

Staff Writer

The primary election is March 10 and the general election is Nov. 3. The office of the Circuit Clerk is buzzing with preparations in order to have the upcoming primary elections go smoothly.
"I took office in January," Kim Hood, Circuit Clerk, said. "I have experience in the court and legal side of the Circuit Clerk's office, but I've never been part of the process to have everything ready for an election."

Hood said she is so very lucky to have election commissioners who are experienced and knowledgable.
"My election commission is great," Hood said. "Linda Ivy, Tommy Bryan, Mae Brewer, Hubert Caston and Sawana Walker, have all been so helpful to me. I know I can go to them if I need an answer dealing with getting ready for the election."

She said some problems have arisen, small things. The envelopes for absentee ballots had to be re-printed to reflect the change in the office of the Circuit Clerk from Bob Harrell to Kim Hood.
"Just little things that I hadn't thought about," Hood said. "Bob has also been a huge help. I have some big shoes to fill. Everyone has so much respect for him and what he brought to the office."
The absentee ballots should be available by next week. There had been a delay in them being mailed to the Circuit Clerks office.

"You can vote absentee if you are over the age of 65, if you will be out of town on the election dates, if you are temporarily disabled," Hood said. "We have a list of those on permanent disability and we mail theirs automatically. If your son or daughter will be away from home at college, we can mail them a card to fill out so they can vote absentee. We want everyone to have the opportunity to vote, as long as they are registered."
Feb. 10 is the deadline to be registered to vote in the primary March 10, those who are 18 by Nov. 3, you can register to vote at any time between now and then.

"This is the one thing I haven't had hands on experience with," Hood said. "But the election commission are all helping me along the way."
Hood has established an open door policy as the Circuit Clerk.
"If there is a problem, I want people to come to me," Hood said. "I just want to do the best job I can for the citizens of Clay County. My door is always open to anyone who needs me and my office."