Murals have gone to the dogs

“Dogs Playing Poker” and “Dogs Playing Pool” are the newest murals being produced by Deborah Mansfield as a fundraisers for the West Point Main Street Association and the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter.
Staff Writer

Deborah Mansfield and the West Point Main Street Association are giving people the opportunity to immortalize their precious pet or pets, in a mural.

“Dogs Playing Poker” and “Dogs Playing Pool” are iconic images created in 1903, by artist C.M. Coolidge. He created the 16 images in the series for Brown and Bigelow Cigars brand.

"I always wanted to do a ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ mural," Mansfield said. "So I'm creating three at Franks Package Store. Walter Flieschaker made a sizable donation to have one with just his dog Eenie, shooting craps. The other two murals are still open."

“Dogs Playing Poker” still has two spots open for owners to have their pooches in the game, and “Dogs Playing Pool” still has 10 spots available for dogs to join in shooting billiards.

"For $350 your dog can be a part of the mural," Mansfield said. "I'll also be painting Dogs on Baseball Cards. That was the only way I could figure we could do a dog in the uniform of the owners choice. They can be outfielders, catchers, batters, infielders, pitchers and in any team uniform, college or pro."

The goal is to raise $40,000. Half of the proceeds will go to the West Point Clay County Animal Shelter and the other half to the West Point Main Street Association.

"For local businesses that want to be included in the murals we offer something unique," Mansfield said. "We need sponsors too and can put company logos into the mural for $1,500, that will work to promote the business."

She said people will be taking photos of the murals and sharing them on social media. Each time the photo is shared, the brand will be seen by more and more people.

"It's a great way to get your brand out there," Mansfield said. "I'm always trying to think of things to do that will help raise money to make West Point better for everyone."

Logos can be placed as advertising on the walls, light fixtures or wherever the sponsor wishes to have it placed.

"We thought the images of dogs would be perfect on Franks Package Store," Mansfield said. "Everyone knows Frank Portera is an animal lover and dogs playing pool, poker or in baseball uniforms will make his store stand out."

For more information about adding sponsorship or a pet to the murals, call Mansfield 275-7819 or Kathy Dyess 662-750-1236.