Mize in search of treasures from WWII

 Historical memorabilia from World War II allows history to be more than facts about an event written in a textbook. Social Studies instructor, Bruce Mize is in search of these treasures to help bring the era to life for his students.
Staff Writer

With the passing of so many World War II veterans, the historical treasures and memorabilia from that time becomes harder to find. During a week long fellowship in New Orleans, history teachers discussed "The Home Front" for those in the years 1942 - 1945, who were not overseas fighting the Axis powers.

"Mississippi was not represented at all in the exhibit from that period," Mize said. "I was very disappointed, but I want to remedy that. I am looking for yearbooks from those years. There were year books from almost every state there. It showed how life went on during that time."

Mize said he only wants to borrow the yearbooks to scan them in and return them to the owners.

"I would love for the first yearbooks from Mississippi to be from West Point and Clay County," Mize said. "Alabama was not represented either and everyone likes to beat Alabama at something."

There are lesson plans that can go along with the information from the year books.

"Right now I'm working on putting together memorabilia from that time for my class," Mize said. "Newspapers, letters, trinkets, ration books. Things that you may not have space for but you don't want to throw away."

Mize is also working to get funds for equipment to get the students out of the classroom and into the community talking to veterans.

"We would like to create an archive," Mize said. "The main focus would be the veterans of the Korean War. Most are in their 80s and we may not have them around much longer."

The equipment Mize has in mind would allow the students to have video, audio and transcript. The Korean War Digital History Project can include other veterans, as well.

"We want to put local faces on to the historical events, to make them more real," Mize said. "We can go to VFWs and American Legions to talk to these vets."

The equipment will be used to document and archive the history of our local veteran's history.

"We want to be involved with the National Archives in D.C." Mize said. "And the state archives in Jackson, so these people. their lives and memories will live on."

To help with the purchase of the equipment go to Donorschoose.org, search Bruce Mize and see what is needed for this project.