Mission on the Hill welcomes Mississippi Campers on Mission

John Lee,  president of Mississippi Campers on Mission, works with the group to help with the construction projects that are in progress at the Mission on a Hill. They are refurbishing an old guard house on the property.
Staff Writer

Mississippi Campers on Mission was part of a national fellowship of Christian campers of all denominations who want to share their faith and their love of Jesus Christ while camping or participating in missions activities.  The group chose the Mission on the Hill as a project that would benefit from their particular type of service again this year.

He said the purpose of the group is to witness for the Lord in whatever they do.

"Bro. Dickie Bryan invited us to come and fellowship here at The Mission on the Hill," John Lee, president of Mississippi Campers on Mission, said. "We are working on the old guard shack, repairing the roof and fixing what has fallen into disrepair. We will be here through the week."

He said the group gives of themselves, their time, their labor and they leave a love offering to help with the continuation of the project after they leave.

"You don't have to have a camper to join us," Lee said. "We travel to where the work takes us. It's a calling. We do this because it's where the Lord leads us."

Construction team leader Iris Lott said there is a process for making sure the work they do is for those who probably could not complete the project any time soon without the group's help.

"When someone calls us with a need, Bud Lott goes and checks it out first," Lott said. "The first question we ask is 'If we aren't able to come, what will happen?' If they say then someone else will help, we pass on the project. If it means the project is postponed indefinitely, then if they can supply the materials, we supply the labor."

Lott said the Mississippi group has been around since the late 1980s. This is the second year MSCOM has come to the aid of The Mission on the Hill.

Mike Cianci is with the Mission on the Hill and explained what it is doing in West Point.

"The Mission on the Hill has been a God inspired dream of Bro. Dickie Bryan," Cianci said. "It is a community outreach to minister to the lost and hurting people among us."

Cianci said the Mission on the Hill was not a church, a lot of people have been asking if it were, and the answer was no.

"We claim no denomination," Cianci said. "We are a body of believers who are here to minister to those who need us."

Cianci explained the Mission is now partnering with Clay County Drug Court to offer help to those who truly want to find a better way to live with the Celebrate Recovery program.

"For those people who have accrued fines and cannot afford to pay, we will offer them a way to work off those fines," Cianci said. "They can do community service with us. We can help them with our 12-step Celebrate Recovery program and they help us by working. It's a win - win for everyone involved. Most of the time we can truly say they come here because they have to, but they stay because they want to."