Mental reports likely to delay assault cases

DTL Staff
Staff Writer

A pair of old aggravated assault cases, including one involving police officers being shot at, dominate the second week of Clay County Circuit Court that starts today.

But as often is the case, mental evaluations likely will put those two on hold.
Meanwhile, the deposition of a suspected arson conspirator will delay another high profile case.

Meanwhile, a case involving five people accused in a shooting that almost killed a West Point man a year ago isn’t far enough along, prosecutors say.
In one assault case, Tommy Gandy is accused of kidnapping and aggravated assault stemming from a Sept. 14, 2013 incident in which he pointed a shotgun at Clay County Sheriff’s Deputy Ram Williams and shot at Deputy Terry Scott during a confrontation.

A new mental report received last week cast doubts about Gandy’s competency and he may have to remain at the state mental hospital for continued treatment.
Similarly, 38-year-old Leroy Tobias, of Woodland, is charged with aggravated assault for repeatedly stabbing a woman on May 13, 2015.

But new court documents suggest he must undergo continued mental evaluations and treatment.

Gandy and Tobias both are on the Circuit Court docket for Wednesday.

Arson-related charges against Billy Aaron and Tommy Williams stemming from the Nov. 5, 2015 burning of the West Point Stockyard are on today’s docket, but the cases will be continued.
Lawyers took depositions from Williams in December because of his declining health.

The transcriptions of those interviews aren’t completed yet.
Williams told investigators initially that Aaron paid him $25,000 to burn the stockyard. Since their arrests and indictment, Williams has begun suffering Parkinson’s Disease, depression, hallucinations and mild dementia but is lucid at times. As a precaution, prosecutors and defense attorneys both pushed for the depositions.

A variety of fraud-related charges against Linda Box and Ora Ryland stemming from alleged schemes to rip off two people between early August and late October 2014 are on the docket for today and Wednesday, but it’s unclear what might happen since they are being prosecuted by the state Attorney General’s office.

And five people charged with aggravated assault in the Jan. 13, 2018 shooting of Travis Strong inside a home on Fifth Street North next to the old Northside School are set for today but because they were only indicted last October, no action is expected on their cases to give defense attorneys more time to review evidence in the case.

The five are Jenerrio Demarcus Jones, Amber Robbins, William Earl Gaines III, Tymotheans Henry, and Joshua Maurice Ewing. Jones also is charged with intimidating a witness for allegedly threatening Henry in February.