MDRS distributes bike helmets at East Side

Donna Summerall
Staff Writer

The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services have given away over 100,000 bicycle helmets in the “Use Your Brain Protective Helmet Program.” Allison Lowther, Traumatic Head and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund Coordinator, brought free, protective bike helmets to the kindergarten and pre – kindergarten students at East Side Elementary and talked to them about preventing brain injuries.
“We brought everyone a brand new bike helmet today,” Lowther said. “We are the ‘Use Your Brain Protective Helmet Program’ with the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services .”
Lowther talked to the five – year - olds at East Side Elementary about how important their brain is and wearing a helmet when riding a tricycle bike, scooter, ripstick, skateboard, hoverboard, moped or motorcycle.
“Your brain is so very important,” Lowther said. “You use it all the time. Even when you sleep your brain keeps your heart beating, your lungs breathing and all the other things your body does. When you get up in the morning and eat, get dressed and brush your teeth, your brain is taking care of doing all those things.”
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