McDonald offers spring semester pep talk

 West Point Consolidated School District Superintendent, Burnell McDonald spoke to faculty and employees of the school district Tuesday, before everyone returned to work Wednesday after Christmas break.
Staff Writer

Burnell McDonald, West Point Consolidated School District Superintendent, led a pep rally for teachers, faculty and employees of the school district on Tuesday before the beginning of the spring semester, and arrival of the students, Wednesday.

McDonald recognized the new faculty members who had joined the WPCSD after the beginning of the fall semester in August.

"For those who weren't with us at the beginning of the school year, we want to welcome you to the West Point Consolidated School District," McDonald said. "We could not do what we do without teachers, assistants and tutors who stand in the gap. We appreciate everything you do."

McDonald wanted to get everyone excited and ready for the influx of students who would be returning to the classroom the following day.

"We have had some great success with our football program," McDonald said. "We went to the Champions Walk at The Grove on the campus of Ole Miss. The opposing team arrived and there was of course, the smack talk. I wanted to join it but I knew our team would do all the talking on the field."

He said they did just that and said the district is looking for its third straight championship next year.

"We have a great place to live, go to school and play football," said Chris Chambless, coach of the West Point Green Wave football team. "We are still raising money for our championship rings. We're having a gun raffle, so buy tickets from any of our players. Let's support our state championship team."

McDonald said teachers could learn a lot from coaches on how to keep young people motivated. Not just in sports, but in academics, as well.

"No one person is responsible for success," McDonald said. "We are all working together in this. Our vision statement is 'All students will be successful. It has been our motto for a long time."

He said one thing that he often thinks about is that what makes one student successful may be completely different for another student. Everyone is not the same.

"The mission of the West Point Consolidated School District is to provide an educational system characterized by innovation, individualized instruction, and shared responsibility in a safe and supportive environment," McDonald said. "And our beliefs and values; We will not compromise the quality of our educational purpose. We will not tolerate anything that diminishes the dignity of any person. We will not engage in any program, course, or activity that does not directly contribute to the elementary and secondary instructional program."

McDonald talked about how important not tolerating anything that diminishes the dignity of any person is for the well being of everyone, not just for children in school.