Longstreet made permanent city clerk

From left, Selectman Ken Poole, City Clerk Eddie Longstreet and Selectwoman Leta Turner talk after Longstreet's appointment Tuesday.
Staff Writer

West Point City Clerk Eddie Longstreet had to work for free for a few minutes Tuesday morning.

But he didn't really mind.
In a special meeting, the Board of Selectmen unanimously named Longstreet the permanent city clerk for the rest of this term, which runs through June 2021.

The vote was quite different from when Longstreet was named Interim City Clerk in December in a controversial 3-2 vote that highlighted a divide on the board.

At the time, when some said the appointment was a political payback for him helping Selectman Jasper Pittman when a seat on the board, Longstreet said he welcomed the challenge of earning the board's and community's support.

Under state law, Longstreet, who also is a well-known minister, could serve 180 days as interim.

That ran out Monday, necessitating Tuesday's special meeting, meaning until the vote, he technically was working for free.

"I've worked with Eddie these 180 days and he's doing a good job. He's learning, he's willing to do anything we ask him to do. He's still in the learning curve right now. One of the things he's really learned is the taxing situation. He's going to be a good clerk once he's certified," Mayor Robbie Robinson said in recommending the permanent appointment to the post, which currently pays $40,000 a year.

"He's been extremely helpful, keeping us updated, reminding us, anything we've needed he's stayed right on it," echoed Selectman Ken Poole, one of the two "no" votes when Longstreet was named.

The board also unanimously reappointed Orlando Richmond as city attorney. State law requires that appointment be made annually.