Local Wendy's managers in Top 200

Latoya Ware manager of Wendy's in Aberdeen, and Moneak Stallings manager of Wendy's in West Point, with Mark Chandler district manager of Wendy's. Ware and Stallings were in the Top 200 Mangers for 2018.
Staff Writer

Moneak Stallings with Wendy's in West Point and Latoya Ware with Wendy's in Aberdeen, have been selected in the Top 200 General Managers for 2018 by The Wendy’s Company.

This distinction places them in the top 3 percent of all Wendy’s restaurant General Mangers throughout the United States and Canada. 

Mark Chandler, district manager of Wendy’s, met with the top managers at Wendy's in West Point.

"They deserve all the credit for being in the top 3 percent of Wendy's mangers," Chandler said. "I had four stores nominated out of seven. These were the top two. It is really incredible and they do a heck of a job."

Chandler presented the ladies with roses and a golden ticket. Stallings and Ware will join the other Top 200 General Managers this April in Dublin, Ohio at the world headquarters for Wendy’s. While there, the Top 200 General Managers will be celebrated and recognized by the Senior Management team of Wendy’s.

"These ladies deserve this recognition, they are true rock stars in every sense," Martha Ulmer, Field Marketing Coordinator for Carlisle Corporation said. "Their crew and customers just love them.  Moneak and Latoya are two of 19 Wendy’s restaurant general managers with Carlisle that were selected in the Top 200 for 2018.

The Top 200 General Mangers is an annual distinction awarded by Wendy’s that recognizes excellence in the areas of sales, customer satisfaction, crew training, and community involvement.

Stallings has been with Wendy's in West Point for more than 30 years.

"I work really hard and the customers are the top priority," Stallings said. "All of this reflects the hard work of my people. We do employee of the month, they get raises. We always work with the leader within them."

Stalling said she isn't just a general manager, she is a teacher, mom, dad, counselor, doctor and therapist to her staff. She has an open door policy and they can come to her any time with a problem.

"I have a team member who has been here almost as long as I have," Stalling said. "I have another who was 16 when I hired her and is now in her 40s. If you treat your people well, there won't be a lot of turnover. As a matter of fact, I trained Latoya Ware. That is why she's so awesome."

Ware is a native of West Point and she makes the drive every day to be general manager at Wendy's in Aberdeen.

"It is such a great honor," Ware said. "And I appreciate the work we put in being recognized. I would not work anywhere else. I have been offered positions by other companies, who like my management style, but I'm staying with Wendy's."

Ware said she has a purpose where she is, and she is not leaving until that purpose is fulfilled.

"I give all the glory to God for what He allows me to accomplish," Ware said. "He has me where I am according to His plan."

She said she would be nothing without her management staff. They not only have her back, but they also lift her up.

"My people are on the front lines every day," Ware said. "They understand customer service is what it is all about. I tell them to always smile. They never know what someone might be dealing with and a smile might be what someones needs to stay strong."

She said yes, sometime they make mistakes, but they are always ready to make it right. If there is a problem, they are there to fix it.

"We not only use key performance indicators to choose the top mangers," Chandler said. "We also ask what are they doing in their communities. That was what put both of these ladies over the top. I am so proud to have both of them on our team."