Less than half of West Point’s registered voters show up to the polls

Mary Rumore
Staff Writer

Only 45.7 percent of registered voters in West Point voted in Tuesday’s primary city election.
According to the Election Summary Report, there are 7,586 registered voters in West Point, but only 3,466 ballots were cast.
Robbie Robinson was reelected as Mayor, and he received 63.6% of the votes with 2184 votes. Homer Ryland, Jr. received 36.3 percent of votes with 1245 votes.
A run-off will be held on May 16 for Ward 1 Selectman between Linda Hannah and Leta Turner. Hannah received 275 votes, or 48.4 percent. Turner received 161 votes, or 28.4 percent. Candidates must receive 50 percent plus one vote to be elected. Jimmy Davidson received 132 votes, or 23.2 percent. Of the 1,435 registered voters in Ward 1, only 575 voted.
William Binder was elected for Ward 2 Selectman after running uncontested. He received 98.9 percent of votes with 429 votes. 468 votes were cast out of 1413 registered voters in Ward 2.
Ken Poole was elected as Ward 3 Selectman with 377 votes or 52.1 percent. Jimmy Clark received 346 votes or 47.8 percent. Out of 1,521 registered voters, 727 votes were cast in Ward 3.
Keith McBrayer was elected Ward 4 Selectman after also running uncontested. He received 99.4 percent of votes with 853 votes. Of the 1,641 registered voters, 887 voted in Ward 4.
Jasper Pittman was elected Ward 5 Selectman with 54.9 percent, or 441, votes. Gary Dedeaux received 317 votes, or 39.4 percent. LaTrenda Fenton received 46 votes, or 5.7 percent. Out of 1,566 registered voters, 809 ballots were cast in Ward 5.