Law enforcement warns against IRS scam calls

Josh Presley
News Reporter

Some community members may have been on the receiving end of robo-calls claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service during the past few weeks. The automated caller told the residents that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against them, and gives them a number to call in order to clear up the issue.
Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said these types of calls were scams, and were common for this time of year.
"Scams are an ongoing issue that we face, but these particular calls picks up around tax season," Scott said. "If the IRS wants to get a hold of you, they'll send you an official letter first."
According to the official IRS website, the service has seen a surge of these phone scams, as the offenders threaten arrest, deportation, license revocation and other penalties. In a statement released to media, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen reminded taxpayers to guard against these scammers.
"Taxpayers across the nation face a deluge of these aggressive phone scams," Koskinen said. "Don't be fooled by callers pretending to be from the IRS in an attempt to steal your money. We continue to say if you are surprised to be hearing from us, then you're not hearing from us.”
He said there were many variations of the scam, and that they caller may threaten the victim with arrest or court action to trick them into making a payment.
"Some schemes may say you're entitled to a huge refund," Koskinen said. "These all add up to trouble."
Scott said citizens should never give out information over the phone, especially if the caller is asking for money.