"I can;t stay away"

Staff Writer

Caldwell Fashions has been supplying men and women with clothing for special occasions, church and every day, for 40 years. It is an African American owned business that has stood the test of time. With February being Black History Month, the Daily Times Leader wants to focus on the successes of African American business owners and leaders.
"This is a family store," Annie Caldwell, owner of Caldwell Fashions, said. "I am retired and my daughter is taking over the business, but I can't stay away. I love my customers and my friends who come by."

The store offers suits for men, dresses for First Sunday, Fifth Sunday and every Sunday in-between, according to Caldwell. As well as casual clothing for work and play. It is the perfect place to find hats and handbags.
"We try to have sizes from 6 to 32," Caldwell said. "It's hard to find plus size clothing, especially for special occasions, but we have beautiful clothing to make everyone feel special."
The spring clothing is arriving, white dresses and clothing perfect for Easter.

"We were originally in the building next door," Caldwell said. "Then we moved to this location and have been here for many years. Customers come from all over. We welcome them all."
Caldwell said the main thing she enjoys about owning Caldwell Fashions is getting to meet new people.

"I love when new people come into the shop," Caldwell said. "I love to talk and be friendly. If they talk to me and tell me how good God is to them, I know I have made a friend. I may not know them when they first come in, but I know them by the time they leave."

Caldwell said she loves her customers and she loves helping people find that perfect dress or pantsuit.
"I love to help people and I want them to be happy," Caldwell said. "Sometimes people aren't in a really good mood, but I smile and am friendly. Hopefully I'll have them laughing and help them to feel better. I want people to come in, look around and be comfortable. I'm not going to follow anyone around. If you need help, ask me. But I never want to make anyone feel bad in my shop."
For more information call 494-8815.