Harrell reflects on time as Circuit Clerk

Staff Writer

There was a large turnout to say goodbye to Bob Harrell, at the Justice Court Center. The 16 year Circuit Clerk chose to retire and not to run for re-election in November. There was a reception in Harrell's honor at the Justice Court Center.
"I took office in 2004," Harrell said. "It's really bittersweet to be leaving the Circuit Clerk's office. I feel kinda young to be having a retirement party."

Harrell's mother, brothers and sisters, children and grandchild came to support him in leaving the elected position.
"All of us wanted to be here for Bob," Beverly Luttrell, Harrell's sister, said. "We are always so proud of Bob. He is a great guy and a great brother."
Kim Hood was elected Circuit Clerk for the upcoming term, and she wanted to congratulate Harrell on his retirement.
"I'm excited to be the next Circuit Clerk," Hood said. "Bob did such a great job while he was here. I've worked with Circuit Court for more than 20 years, worked for the DA's office 19 years, four years with Circuit Court judges, 2 1/2 years as a paralegal and 1 1/2 years with Drug Court."
Hood said she knows there is a lot to the position of Circuit Clerk, and Harrell did such a great job, but she is very excited and ready to get to work.

Anna Jones, with Bennie Jones Jr. and Associates, Law Firm, said Harrell would surely be missed.
"He would always go out of his way to help people," Jones said. "He comes from the best family. They are always doing wonderful things in the community."

Clay County Sheriff, Eddie Scott has known Harrell since his time in law enforcement.
"From the law enforcement side, Bob has been such an asset," Scott said. "He knows the system inside and out. He has made such a difference and we are going to miss him."
Scott said Harrell is well like and respected by all law enforcement. He said Harrell is one of us.

"You have done an excellent job," Judge Lee Coleman, said. "I thank you for your service."
Judge Lee Howard said the office of the Circuit Clerk was in disarray when Harrell took it over.
"Bob really went to work and got things cleaned up and rolling," Howard said. "There is more to the office of the Circuit Clerk than most people realize."
Judge Jim Kitchens said Harrell had come back to West Point about 20 years before he himself had come back to the Golden Triangle.
"He was with the Sheriff's Department then," Kitchens said. "He has continued be of service to this community. You could not ask for a better public servant than Bob Harrell. Everyone is going to miss him."